75 Years of the Sarcol Group

To celebrate Sarcol Group’s 75 years, the Sarcol Business Center invited the Mayor of Matosinhos, Mrs. Luisa Salgueiro, the President of the Union of parishes of S. Mamede de infesta and Senhora da Hora. Mr. Leonardo Fernandes, and the respective entourage, to commemorate, along with our residents and friends, the inauguration of a panel detailing the history of the group and to honour its founder, Assis de Magalhaes.

The event took place on December 4th and began with a visit to the facilities as well as to some tenants, namely ALS Group Freight Forwarders, Flowinn, N14 and Proracket. This was followed by the inauguration of the panel “The History of Sarcol “.

During her speech, the Mayor of Matosinhos praised the family group for its ability to attract investments and adapt to the market reality as it changed through time. For the past 12 years, this group has been managed by Alexandra Magalhaes, the daughter of its founder and current manager of the Sarcol Business Center.

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