SiliconGate is a leading company in the development and supply of intellectual property (IP) for ASIC/SoC in the field of Power Management. Established in 2008, SiliconGate combines experience and innovation to deliver high-quality solutions for the global semiconductor market. Its team consists of highly qualified professionals with experience and a track record of successful products in various domains. Some of SiliconGate’s key members have over 20 years of experience and were the founders of the power management team at Chipidea in 2000, where they created several innovative products for different applications. Silicongate has an extensive IP portfolio of over 800 IPs, offering a broad range of power management solutions for diverse markets and applications. SiliconGate’s IP solutions address the main power management challenges faced by designers such as circuit efficiency, total consumption, silicon area occupied, system verification and time-to-market. SiliconGate provides its customers with competitive advantages through its expertise in power management, silicon-proven intellectual property and direct customer support. SiliconGate’s IP solutions are implemented in the most advanced technology and are complemented by the services provided by SiliconGate, enabling its customers to bring their products to market quickly and with reduced risk.