Easter Party 2018

“Easter is the only time where we can, confidently, place all our eggs in the same basket”

It was with a joyful spirit that we got together to celebrate this date.
We wish everyone a happy Easter!

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day arrived with rain, but our hearts were soon comforted by the friendly celebration with our resident companies, as we toasted with a glass of Champagne to St. Valentine!
We congratulate the “Valentines” companies: Enes & Araujo, AST, José Nazário Moreira Unipessoal, Vasyl Dyshko, Solaretranche, Seal, ADE, Patricia Paúl Events, AMAK, Optima Tours, Souranços, ALS, Nunestore, Proracket, Findaut, Lenhotec.

We appreciate the participation of all!
See you soon!



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